The first episode of this discourse, captioned: ‘Why?’ was the introductory part. In the second episode, we went a little further into the main discussion by dwelling on the exemplary life of Jesus Christ. He had a clear clue as to “Why” he was born into the world: He knew he was born to save the world from shackles of sin and sicknesses.

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There are two significant discoveries every man must make before he dies. The first is when he was born. The second is why he was born. In his book, “There is no Mountain Anywhere”, Morack Akin-David enthused: “Many men commemorate and celebrate the day they were born. But hardly has any man commemorated and celebrated the day he discovered why?” This is why many people suffer. They do not know why they were born; neither do they have any clue to the puzzle surrounding their predicament in different faculties of their lives, including career, business, marriage, academics, family, and health. Do you truly know “Why?”

In this third episode however, I will center my talks on marriage. And I am taking a holistic approach to address it. Talk about relationship, and planning to get married, many young men and ladies start getting it wrong from the genesis of the process. For most of them, “Why” they want to get married isn’t so strong enough. Many people got married, especially in the days of our fathers, just to raise children and build workforce for their peasant farming activities. Some Africans even married many wives to prove to their contemporaries that they were ‘real men!’ Funny still, “Why” others marry was because they expected that their children would become their bread winners in their old age. Not only are such reasons not strong, they are also wrong!

In fact, the root of poverty in African nations is not untraceable to these wrong notions.

What is the purpose of marrying and breeding children that you have no plan of a great future for? After all said and done, it suddenly dawned on you that you are not capable of catering for your wife (or wives) and children. You can’t feed them, neither are you able to pay bills, including rents, utilities, and worse still, the children school fees. You’ve turned yourself to a failed father because your “Why” was all wrong. Many people regret getting married today because their priorities were not strong and their notions were very wrong.

Getting married is not the problem, but the reason for doing so is the bone of contention. Some parents are so selfish enough to lure or talk their children into getting married for wrong reasons, at a wrong time, and worst still, to wrong fellows. “Why?” Just for them to be called grandpa or grandma! Isn’t it absurd? Most young married couples are jobless and miserable today, no sustainable income, and joy is eroded from their young homes, because their marriages are founded on weak “Why?”

Therefore, never dare to get into marriage until your “Why?” is right and strong for a sustainable and blissfully marriage. God bless you.

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