The greatest risk in life is to live based on assumptions. A life of relevance is never lived on mere guess work. If you must live a fulfilled life, you must dare to be deliberate and intentional in whatever you do.

One of the most instructive rules of life is the one that admonishes that you should watch before you launch into any adventure. Never dabble into anything on which you have not done your due diligence.

A forward looking person will never get involved in anything just because others are doing it or because it’s the talk of the town. Those who know their onions will not allow sentiment to lead them into any agreement or engagement that doesn’t align with the values that govern their affairs. That’s why you must have your own personal values and philosophy.

The message here this morning is that you should be deliberate and intentional in your involvement in anything, whether business partnership, associations, clubs, groups, relationship or any form of friendship. It is your choice to accept or reject any offer or proposals. It is your right to join or ignore any group. Don’t make life’s choices on guess work. Be intentional in your choice. Never accept any offer no matter how juicy, when you know that such offer will not make you happy and fulfilled.

Be intentional in your decisions and never accuse or blame anyone if things go contrary to your expectations. Remember, life, as it is said, is a product of personal adventure, and you are responsible for the outcome of your life. Never allow external influences to force you into taking decisions that contradict your personal conviction. Dare to be intentional and deliberate in all you do.

Till we meet again, keep on achieving great things…

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