TURNAROUND SEASON 2020: Ember to Remember (#Long #Post #Please)

If there is any point in time that humanity has ever recorded so much losses in terms of resources, including, money, materials and time, it is in the year 2020. As it affected governments, so it did institutions, agencies, businesses and individuals. It is a global siege caused by the pandemic that ravaged the year and the handling of it by many of the various authorities at the helms of affairs.

To say that many people and businesses have become demoralized and distressed is an understatement. At the moment, great number of business owners are at cross roads, trying to figure out how to meet up with their goals for the year, many are not even talking of meeting up with their goals but just working towards the possibility of surviving; while many others are already contemplating giving up on their aspirations.

I wrote this piece because of you. It is to encourage and remind you that it is not over yet until you achieve your goals. It is true that over half of the year has been consumed in the period of panic that evidently claimed lives as well as rendered many more men incapacitated and thousands of businesses crippled across the globe.

Quite a number of gainfully employed men and women (employers and employees) have become jobless and miserable. Many of them who are bread winners are still wondering as they wander, trying to chart a new course for themselves. Apparently, nobody ever knew at the beginning of 2020, that the tide would turn so suddenly.

My charge for you at this time is to trust in the God of good speed. Believe that the four months that remains before the year ends are adequate for you to bring your dreams and goals for the year to reality.

Stop gazing at the calendar, otherwise, anxiety may set in. The agenda of God is for you to succeed and you surely will, if you put your trust in Him. He will give you speed to recover all the losses of the past eight months. Eleazer, the servant of Abraham prayed for “Good Speed” when in search of a befitting wife for his master’s son, Isaac. God gave him good speed and he accomplished his goal.

The scripture talks about the ability of God in making our feet like a deer’s feet and make us to walk on our high places [Habakkuk 3:19]. He is still the God of Good Speed.

It took God six days to accomplish the creation of the world. I also remember, that within the space of the first six months of 2018, all my goals for the year were already attained and even exceeded. I got more than I ever planned for the year thereby compensating me for the previous year.

Remain resolute, stay focused and put your trust in the God of Good Speed and you surely will meet up with your goals for 2020 in a grand style.

See you at you the top. Till we meet again, keep on achieving great things


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  1. Truely, this year is a mistery; no one ever know that this period of covid 19 pandemic will ever come to a reality and course many hazards for people in time of their business, salary work and so on. But in all, the God of justice is always there for his children intimes of need. This period is a time we all restrategise in all our business plans but we should put God first in all that we do.

    God leads.

  2. Sir Isaac, of a truth, the experience of 2020 cannot be forgotten in a hurry. To some, it wasn’t funny, but to some, it brought Testimonies.

    Infact, your on-line training within the lockdown transformed my Business Positively.
    To the glory of God, I have started collecting in Six Digits.

    Thanks to God and by extension, SBM School

    • Covid19 came to the entire world unannounced, yet we have not found solution to it except by abiding with rules. It has devastated world economy, local,state, and federal government aren’t spear.
      We have equally learn that our health is a sinequanon for our business breakthrough. Therefore, thanks for your window of opportunity to learn and relearn. You are a blessing to this generation.

  3. Sir I appreciate you and i will always do, when ever i have the opportunity to read or listen to you I fill so relieve and fulfill. Thanks and God bless you and your family .

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