Be Objective || Be Fair || Be Rational

Emotional intelligence and self-governance are keys to living a realistic life. Some individuals have been so overtaken by emotional attachment to their tribal, political and religious affiliation, to the extent that they seem to have lost their true identities.

Tribal, political and religious indoctrination and extremism have eroded the rationality of many and they are no longer objective in their thinking and in their arguments on issues of collective interest.

When tolerance is removed from the equation of human coexistence, love gets dispelled. Avoidance and resentment subsequently take over the stage. Then, one wonders where the place of common sense is in all these and what is the essence of all of the education that one has acquired over the years.

My message here is clear. Never be governed by sentiment. Be rational in your thoughts, be objective in your arguments over any issue and make truth and justice your utmost consideration in all your dealings with other human beings.

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