The reason the rich will keep getting richer is rooted in what they do daily, which seem to have totally formed their habits. There is a secret that seems to have been restricted to the circle of the rich alone. Even if it is shown to the poor, he will not still see it, much less seize it. The rich is quite aware of the distinct difference between money making and wealth acquisition. Money is earned from products and services. Wealth is acquired either with money or with wealth as well. The rich is quite aware that the greatest wealth anyone can ever acquire in life is not the oil well, neither diamond nor gold mine.

The most important wealth anyone can acquire in humanity is the well of knowledge. That is the reason the rich don’t joke with knowledge acquisition. They place premium on trainings and are willing to pay any amount of money to get relevant information they desire in order to broaden the scope of their entrepreneurial operations. The poor, sadly, spend their hard earned money on sheer liabilities, like new and bigger cars, new furniture, latest interior decors, bigger apartments in highbrow environments, needless sophisticated gadgets, and some other unnecessary accessories, but the rich is busy thinking of the most productive ways to invest his money.
Cultivate the attitude of the rich and stop spending your money on things that will not last and turn into burdens on your shoulders, and yoke on your necks. Invest your money on wealth acquisition. The supremacy of wealth over money is that wealth guarantees enduring prosperity and posterity. If money is not directed in the right channels, it may lose value, deplete, and disappear suddenly. But the beauty of wealth is that it has the propensity to generate money and make you regain your financial and economic balance. That is the power of wealth over money. Let me reiterate that the greatest quest of the truly rich people is the quest for relevant knowledge. It is the bedrock of any other form of wealth. And this is what the poor take for granted.

As free as information seems, valuable information is not ever free nor cheap. What the rich trade and leverage on is valuable information. And trading without training is mental draining without knowing it. Therefore, cultivate a quest for relevant trainings and prepare to invest into it. Ask any genuinely rich person around you, they will shed more light on this. After all, the secrets of men are said to be in their stories. Make personal development a priority this time around. Trading, I repeat, without adequate trainings will lead any entrepreneur into undue struggles. I don’t see you struggle this year, but you need to subscribe to relevant trainings wherever you find one.

Stop spending your money on fleeting items. Boost your knowledge and gain mastery over the secrets behind the profitability of your chosen field of endeavor. Translate your money into wealth, and your wealth will keep producing money for you all your life. But don’t forget, the bedrock of lasting wealth is the well of knowledge. The scriptures talks about wisdom as the principal thing, and in all your getting, you are advised to get understanding. The core ingredient of wisdom is knowledge, and knowledge is the sum total of acquired and processed information. So, the saying is true, that “Knowledge is Power” but going deeper, we will also discover that knowledge is only potential power ONLY applied knowledge truly becomes REAL Power! Therefore, go, and buy requisite knowledge, upon which your business will grow wings and soar to the highest heights this year.

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