A Fool At 40 Is A Fool Forever

The statement that “A Fool At 40 Is A Fool Forever” DOESN’T MEAN “A Failure At 40 Is A Failure Forever”. In any case, what many have tagged failure is only a phase in the journey towards destiny.

Let’s take a look at few people who have justified this assertion. Moses left Egypt at 40 without anything but he returned and overtook everyone in Egypt. Colonel Sanders didn’t record any tangible achievement in his first 60 years on earth but succeeded with KFC in his 60s and today KFC is still waxing stronger, spreading across many nations of the earth.

Your time is different from your neighbour’s time. Whether 40, 50, 60 or 70, your age does not limit you, it is only numbers, if you’re not counting it then it doesn’t count. What limits you is your attitude. There is no deadline for success. The only exit point in the journey is death. As long as you are alive, tomorrow can still be better than today.

While on your journey, make sure you are sensitive enough to know what to do per time. Do not despise good counsel from people God has placed on your path to guide you into your fulfilment.


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