Efficiency and Effectiveness

Let me share my thoughts on two very important words that can make us achieve more success and fulfillment.

“#Efficiency and #Effectiveness”

Everyone that desires #REAL growth and fulfillment in life must understand that there is a huge and very important difference between these two words.

As simple as they may appear, understanding these two words can make a world of difference in your life.

You can be Efficient but not Effective; however, you may not easily find many who are effective but not efficient.

Efficiency is doing things right, while Effectiveness is doing the right things.

A lot of people are hard working and committed at the wrong things. They are expending their time and energy on the wrong things they shouldn’t have done at all.

It does not matter how diligent you are on a wrong path, you will never arrive at the right destination.

Motion does not always signify movement, just like activity does not always amount to accomplishment.

There was a story of a pilot who announced to his passengers saying, “good day to you distinguished ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry to announce to you that we have lost our way. However, you have nothing to worry about because we are going at fantastic speed”.

Obviously, the question to ask the pilot (which we should also ask ourselves all the time) is, where exactly are you going?

The destination will determine the mode of transportation, the level of preparation as well as the pace of movement.

To achieve results in life, you’ve got to be efficient. However, to achieve GREAT results, you’ve got to top up your efficiency with effectiveness.

-Isaac Ajisafe

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