Wake Up

The recent development in the global space has further granted validity to the philosophical assertion that “Life is in phases and men are in sizes”. Hence, taking cognizance of the prevailing phase in life you’re in is what places a person on the pedestal of progress. Only those who have the knowledge of times are allowed to gain command over life situations.

In the course of the menace of covid-19, many people abandoned their tools of progress, withdrew into their comfort zones, thinking that the holidays would last till forever.

While others were busy burning the midnight candle, tinkering and formulating concepts that would be adaptable to the prevailing season, others were either engaged in ceaseless frivolities during the day, wasting valuable time, and many others are busy posting for attention probably to impress people of like minds.

Now that reality has dawned on all of us, now that the cloud of covid-19 is fast diffusing into the horizon and business activities are already returning back fully, now that the marketplace is opening and institutions are getting set to resume, what plans do you have in place to recover your many months of idleness, unproductiveness or losses, as the case may be?

Are you still under the illusion of the uncertain past or you are already alive to the demands of post covid-19 realities? Are you still in the unproductive practice of social media frivolities, parading unnecessarily, seeking how many people would click the like button that adds no meaningful value to you or are you back in the business of progress? Please, wake up…


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