Today I will talk about what I call “Sure Way to Financial Freedom”.

I’m passionate about your financial freedom. Attaining financial freedom is one of my areas of core interest and competence regardless of the nature of your business as long as it’s moral, godly and legitimate. The reason for my passion is not farfetched. I have not only tasted poverty but I also slept and swam in it. So, I don’t only know the definition, I also understand the true meaning of poverty. I always tell people at my financial freedom seminars that I have eaten ‘raw’ poverty in the past. But today I have moved in the direction of prosperity by the grace of God.

Financial freedom is what everybody pursues but only few attains. It is the dream of all men, but only few bring it to reality. Everybody longs to reach it; only a handful lays hold on it. The most frustrating of it all, is that many people have all it takes to attain financial freedom, yet they are unable to see it within and around them. Isn’t that an irony?

As it is written, “The labor of fools wearies them, for they do not even know how to go to the city!” [Eccl 10:15 NKJV]. The number of people living in poverty is increasing rapidly currently in the third world, children and adults, young and old inclusive. The heartfelt prayer of many government workers is for the elongation of their retirement age. And for the retired ones, it is for uninterrupted payment of their gratuities and pensions. Otherwise, most of them may die untimely of depression and sicknesses.

Many workers have cultivated the habit of age falsification. They keep their true birth certificate and obtain sworn affidavits that will reflect the reduction of their age all for the purpose of extension of their years in service, so that they can ‘enjoy financial freedom’ – Yet they don’t enjoy it.


The rate of bankruptcy is increasing in the society. Many retirees have ended up returning to the labour market to engage in menial jobs such as security men or gatemen in business organizations. They worked tirelessly to hit the mark of financial freedom all their lives, yet they couldn’t hit their target.

Whether you are in the working class or entrepreneurial category, one thing you need to understand is the phenomenon called ‘Networking’.

In Christianity, the followers of Jesus Christ have become so large and spread all over the world.  They practically deployed the principle of networking although the word ‘networking’ might not have existed by that time. Jesus left his 11 disciples behind in this world because one had already betrayed him.  And the eleven made a replacement to make up the team of twelve. They stayed together, praying and pondering on the next line of action. And bravo, the light came by the arrival of the Holy Ghost, which they all received. Then they developed the initiative through divine intuition to spread the gospel by raising more disciples in the neighboring towns, cities, and villages. Today, the whole world has become their constituency!

Networking and partnership can be deduced from the approach of the disciples. No man can do it alone or make it alone that would amount to signing up for frustration.

A number of large and successful global corporations understand this principle, and that is the reason they have hired people like you and me in enlarging the tentacle of their business for profit maximization.

This is one of the secrets of financial freedom. Be wise. Subscribe to a network based business activities today.

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