Let me welcome you my readers, to this New Year 2019. Please understand that the year, 2019, is already moving, and it’s doing so on a fast speed and on the fast lane. What this signifies is very simple; this year will soon come to a close, just like 2018 came to close some hours ago. Remember we have been told time and again that discovery leads to recovery. Do not expect anything to change this year 2019 just because you are in a new year. There is nothing mystical about a new year, what you give is what you get. If you give it your best, you will get the best results much more than you got in 2018.
If your goal is to experience greater greatness in 2019 than in the previous years, whether in your finance, your businesses, your ministries, your marriage or home, it is your mindset that will determine. New Year will not bring any new revolution, except the one prompted by your new resolution! Nothing will change because we left 2018 and entered 2019. No, nothing changes except the things you change, positively or negatively. It is all a function of your mindset. Your connectivity to greater success will anchor on your commitment to your new resolutions.
Until you develop a new mindset nothing will likely change. If you are making some success or results in the New Year, it won’t be ordinarily because you switched from 2018 to 2019, but because you’ve deemed it fit to change your mindset. It will be because you develop certain principles and policies that actually reshape things for you. That’s why we must understand that success is the game of the mind. We cannot win inside and loose outside. If you succeed inside you will definitely succeed outside. There is no change of life without a change of thought, which means that life may not change until something changes from inside.
Just as a popular saying goes: “The time of the day that you wake up is when you’ll be greeted; good morning’”. If your own change of thought comes at the middle of the year, that’s when things will start changing for you. So, it’s not because it’s a new year but because there is a change of thoughts. Until you program your life for big things this year, you can’t achieve big things. You only achieve big things because you program your mind for big things.
A journey from failure to success is more of an internal trip than being an external adventure. The distance covered in your mind will determine the miles covered in your quest for greatness in life’s voyage. It’s not about a particular period; it’s all about a particular mindset. You can’t stand tall inside and remain dwarfed outside. You must understand that if you want to remain tall, you have to develop a tall mindset. And if you want to maintain your status quo, then continue with your current mindset, and keep living your life as it is. Don’t upgrade. Don’t renew. But I counsel you to subscribe to a change of orientation, and embrace a new philosophy and new policies, in 2019.

Where you are today is because of the mindset you developed over time. And where you will be tomorrow or at the end of this year is based on your mindset. This means, as it has been asserted by great minds, that everyone is absolutely responsible for the outcome of his life, good or bad. The holy book says” As far as you can see” is what you are permitted to access and possess. Nobody can do it for you. It is your sole obligation. Same way you cannot use my international passport to travel to other countries, and I can’t use yours either, so is it in real life. You can’t see for me, and I can’t see for you.

This year you must invest in your mind, and it will reflect in your pockets and bank accounts. One of the ways to invest in your mind is to listen to wonderful tapes, valuable books and read materials like this. Check this website ( and other places of like minds regularly to feed your mind more. You don’t need a new day to start over. You don’t need this month to start over. You don’t need a new year to start over. All you need to start over is only a new mindset.
Welcome to the year of your renewed mindset that will usher you to a season of great achievements, unstoppable accomplishments, record-breaking feats, and breathtaking success story. Welcome to your year of greater greatness.

Welcome to 2019.

Isaac Ajisafe
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