Focus on Growing Your Business

“Always remember, your focus determines your reality.”
~George Lucas

George Lucas is the billionaire genius behind the epic Star Wars franchise. He focused constantly in his early days on his work on Star Wars. He was determined it would be a hit and 40 years later the franchise is a cultural phenomenon. By staying focus on his work he was able to create an unbelievable reality and is loved by fans around the world.

Be Focus
The height of discipline is Focus—the ability to tune out “noise” that can distract you from your goal. That noise could be people who doubt you. It could be busywork. It could be by doing too much “social” networking. It could also be, the noise inside of your own head of self-doubt, fear, or unrealistic expectations of yourself.

Personally, I’ve only heard about these things from a lots of people and I can say I have been able to guide so many people in this regard because all these things are real.
Make sure you ignore the noise – distracting voices because when you give too much attention to something that does not worth the attention, it can also paralyze your ability to take effective action. When we are talking about the word “Focus”, we are indirectly talking about Discipline.

Show Discipline!
Without discipline no networker can achieve something significant. Especially discipline in the area of being focus with one network marketing business per time at your starting stage. Discipline isn’t just about working hard (even though you have to do that), but also about managing your entrepreneurial tendencies.

Many natural born entrepreneurs are blessed with a mind that is an idea-generating machine. The good news is that some of those ideas are gold mines. The bad news is that if you continually pursue new ideas, old ideas never get developed to fruition.

They will want to join several businesses with their network marketing business which may not really work out fine. This is so because Network Marketing business requires substantial attention at the early stage if you desire to make good fortune from it. Don’t be confused, I am not suggesting that you can’t do MLM business as part time but I’m saying it requires substantial amount of attention which is different from full time.

Learn from your Leader
You may need to observe top leaders in your company, you will discover that the top 5% in your industry are most likely to be such people and not people that are combining many things together at a time thereby losing focus. Focus means concentration!

I delivered an online lecture sometimes last year on making money through multiple streams of income and one networker chat me up privately sharing with me how he’s thinking on combining some businesses with his MLM business that he’s just growing, quickly I told him that he’s not mature for that simply because his MLM business is just at his growing stage that needed great attention with undivided focus (full concentration) so as to fully maximize the benefits in MLM.
I quickly reminded him how he could turn his one MLM business to more than 7 streams of income and since that time, his business has been growing steadily.

Come to think of it, had it been he’s not a listening type or he’s not a protégé networker that just believe he can venture into anything without guidance, I’m sure by now, he would have been out of MLM Business because his new conventional business would have taken over his mind and thereby crashing his MLM business that supposed to fund his new dream for him thereby crashing everything together.

Listen to me, for the sake of balance, I’m not totally saying you can’t merge conventional business with your MLM but I’m saying, your best understanding in life is the understanding of time. Know when to do it. Know how to do it. Know what to do. Know where to do it. Many people know what to do, how to do it and even where to do it but lack the knowledge of when to do it actually crash land them in the journey of life.

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