As we advance into this New Year, let me expose to you one word that has done more harm than good in the lives of many people in our world, past and present. It is a word that has stagnated some, and crashed many people’s aspirations, and it will continue to do so, unless something drastic and decisive is done to address it. Those who have mastered the pros and cons of the word are the only ones who have gained mastery over all contradictions that goes with this particular word.

I am sure at this point, that you are eager to know what sort of mysterious word it could be, that can pose such  threat to people’s potentials! I will surely open the veil on it in a jiffy. I only want it to sink deep into you consciousness that such a word exists in the lexicon of life that has the capability of diffusing your dreams and projections into the oblivion. By the time it ends its magic on your life, you will look back to arrest it, but what you’d see will shock you. What you’d see is the phenomenon called “Yesterday”. What you will see is the phenomenon called the “Past”. Indeed it is not a strange word. As a matter of fact, it is a word you can’t but mention as you traverse the alleyway of each day of the year.

“What is this word?” you may ask. The word is not Satan, but it can be used as weapon by Satan against your progress. It is not sickness, but it can turn anyone into a nuisance and a liability in humanity. The earlier you master how never to allow it work against you and your aspirations the better for you. It is the word called “Tomorrow!” yes, the same “tomorrow” you mention every day. “To-mo-rrow”. While you see the word as one of the commonest words in the dictionaries, and in terms of usage in humanity, it is one of the strangest words. The word is weightier than can be described. At this point, we are examining the word from the figurative point of view. When the word is not well understood and appropriated, it can turn one’s life into sheer nightmare.

You must understand that each day in your entire life is like a river on course, and you cannot touch the same water twice because the flow which has gone-by is gone forever. Same way, every day of your life is like a river that flows by. The connotation of the “river” in this context is called opportunity. Here is the moral that can be deduced from all these: if there is anything you need to do today, don’t say you will do it tomorrow!  If there is anything you need to do in January, don’t say: “I will do it in February’. You may never do it again.  When I tell you to avoid the word “Tomorrow”, understand what it symbolizes. The perfect expression that best describes what ‘Tomorrow represents here is that monstrous word called “Procrastination!”

I recall with nostalgia today, about a program I enrolled in. Midway into the program, I began to give excuses on why I should stop and postpone my study till one “tomorrow” that would never come!  My coordinator pleaded with me to finish the course because I might never have the chance to finish it later but I was defiant. And that was five years ago. Today, I’m 10 times busier than I was then, and going back to it will be a very difficult task.

Friends, please take my counsel, procrastination has crashed millions of destinies. Desist from pushing anything of value in your life till tomorrow. That tomorrow may never come your way. Gain mastery over the damaging effect of the word “Tomorrow” before it destroys your destiny.

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