Recall I recently shared with you on this platform about what I simply captioned: “In Which Category Do You Belong?” In that short piece, I classified people into four distinct categories.

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Taking it further today, I will focus on the category of people that will actually succeed in their endeavors this year. It is no use debating about the fact that not everyone will be successful this year and this should not be misinterpreted for a curse. The fact is this, in every society, there will always be those who are diligent and productive as well as the indolent and unproductive. It is just like saying that poor will never cease from humanity. Yet the rich, as long as they remain focused, holding their plow diligently, nothing can stop them from getting richer!

Those that will succeed are first of all goal setters. They are dreamers of no mean inner drive. They are those who don’t take chances, they strike when the iron is hottest. They are risk takers and prompt decision makers. Those who will succeed this year will not just sit in a corner, expecting opportunities to fall on their laps. They are opportunity hunters and grabbers. They are people who are always hungry for the next available problems and take the advantage of solving them. They have no impossibility in their dictionaries. They are “Possibilitarians” by identity. Someone said “I have never seen a wealthy man who has never lost money and I have never seen a poor man who has lost a dime”

Those who will be successful this year are knowledge seekers, they pay for the relevant ones, and apply them to boost their businesses. They are self-motivated. If they cannot kick-start it, they will jump-start it. If they cannot jump-start it, they will “push-start” it. By all means, they will keep their business in motion. They will dare what others dread.

My friend, this is where I like you to belong this year.

I remain Isaac Ajisafe.

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