Entrepreneurship Part II

  1. Decision Making: Until you make some positive radical decisions, fear of the unknown may keep you out perpetually from starting something.
  2. Generating Sound Business Ideas: Schuller said, Nobody has money problem, it is always an idea problem.
  3. Start with what you have (Resources and Skills): Do not wait till you have all the resources before you start.
  4. Start with good people: The quality of your team will go a long way in what you will achieve.
  5. Start with prospective customers.
  6. Start with goal settings.
  7. Do a feasibility study for your business.

Some BUSINESS KILLERS we know and might not know.

  1. Lack of business plan.
  2. Being too generous with credits.
  3. Ignorance about your market.
  4. Bondage of Debts.
  5. Having unnecessary number of employees.
  6. Lack of adequate knowledge of the business you venture into.
  7. Wrong Partnership.
  8. Wrong Location.
  9. Lack of focus on the business at hand.

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