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Lessons from Failure

The truth remains that I failed so I could succeed. In the school of success, failure is a course that cannot be exempted. If you must succeed, then you must be prepared to fail. If I failed in order to succeed, it means without the failure I experienced, I would never have learnt the art of success, because nothing teaches success like failure. I have encountered several challenges that could have stalled my willpower, yet I resolved to succeed and to proceed in adventuring.

The financial troubles of my background would have put my back on the ground but on the background of God I have charted my way to the front-line of my career in selling, enterprising and marketing.

I am willing to share knowledge with you from what I have learnt from my failures.

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  1. This is good and wonderful

  2. This what I called life opener not eye opener alone. More wisdom for u d SBM president.

  3. That means any one could fail and it is not the end for giving up