There are certain attitudes that we must drop if we must excel this year; If we must come out successful as we venture into the ocean of unlimited opportunities lying ahead of us. If we must come out with our goals and vision translated into ample accomplishments in 2019, it becomes needful that we identify those things that we do or say, that may hinder the smooth sail of the New Year’s ship towards our targeted shore of achievements.

I will be sharing with you some of these attitudes in this series. One of them is the “I’m busy” attitude.

Everybody is claiming ‘I am busy’ but the question is what are they busy with?

The word “Busy” is one of the most grossly abused words in the universe. As a matter of fact, the word has been so watered down that it has become irritating to me. Personally, I don’t like using it again, even when I have genuine reasons for using it, I now prefer to use alternative words, such as “I am engaged” instead.

A lot of people claim they are busy and they are not really engaged in any productive or profitable activity. They are simply busy doing nothing meaningful – This is Self Deception!

You can be as busy as bees all through the year and end up as poor as a church rat. Many people ended up as successful failures last year because they were not sincere to themselves.


Until you begin to value every ticking second of your life, you may not attain anything valuable in the year. You cannot be doing things that don’t amount to personal development, or things that don’t translate to gainful business activities and still claim you are busy! Okay, busy doing what? One of the rich sayings among the Yoruba race goes thus: “Someone made 200 heaps, and planted 200 yam seeds. If he goes round claiming he planted 400 yam seeds in 400 heaps, the harvest season will expose his act of self-deception. By the time he finishes eating his real 200 tubers of yam, he alone will also eat the remaining make-believe 200 tubers of yam (which is pure lie).

Many people claim they are busy, but what they are busy doing has no correlation with their life aspiration. They are busy loafing all over the place, constituting nuisance to others who are diligently busy with their legitimate works.

Busyness is not the same as Business. One generates painful regrets, while the other generates enviable results. Prioritize your program this year. Deal with whatever is stealing your time, and engage your time wisely this year. Someone said “the worst use of time is doing well what needed not to be done at all’. There are a lot of people who have no business on social media yet they waste the better part of their day gossiping, jesting, and wasting their lives away on the air wave.

Dare to invest quality time in attending wealth creation and health programs to enhance your capacity in achieving your goals rather than wasting away on social media, clubs, beer joints, yet claiming you are terribly busy!

How can you be too busy for what will give your life true meaning? Have a change of attitude today, and in the end, you will be glad you did.


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