One major determinant in the school of success is time. A school of thought has asserted that time is the calibration of change. This means every change in human endeavors is time specific and it varies from person to person. It is so critical that the time of identical twins, in terms of accomplishments in life, differs and it is not transferable, because it is person specific. I perceive this is what informed the Yoruba aphorism that warns: Never run your race with another person’s timing.

Two people with the same qualifications may be employed and deployed on the same day to the same location. Yet, there is the possibility that one may be promoted ahead of the other. In fact, it is not impossible that providence smiles on one so much that he gains double promotion and becomes a boss to the other. All of these are the operations of time in the affairs of men. The message here is very brief: Follow your time.

The fact that someone is starting up something; be it a line of business, academic pursuit, career or marital journey does not make it a yardstick for others to either emulate or refrain from those activities. We have different reasons for venturing into or keeping away from anything – there is time for everything under the sun.

Pay attention to the ticking of the time, know when to hold on, know when to rise up, know when to speed up, know when to walk away. However, do not use another man’s timing as your yardstick to take critical decisions.

Many people have been too impulsive in doing certain things just because someone else is doing it and they have had their fingers burnt in the process. Knowing your own time is very germane to your success in the business of life. The major reason that made Jesus to weep over Jerusalem was because, according to him, they did not know the time of their visitation. The connotation of this exposition is that, inability to know the appointed time to make certain decisions may lead a person into frustration and losses. That is why the Psalmist said, “…The time to favour her, yes, the set time has come” and he gave valid reasons for arriving at such conclusion. This means, before you take any decision that may affect your life, business or family, you must be very sure that you are doing it at the set time for such.

Finally, never make the mistake of running your race with another person’s timing. Wait for your own time.

Till we meet again, keep on achieving great things…

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