The monster called corruption has, without controversies, battered the name of Nigeria in the global community, as well as sorely soiled her economic prosperity among the committee of nations.

As it stands, the posterity of Nigeria appears to have been blanketed by the incursion of bands of treasury looters, economic devourers and political oppressors. Right now, it seems like the end to the siege on the socioeconomic liberty of the people is not in view. But one day, in the nation of Nigeria, the monster called corruption shall be utterly crushed and all economic saboteurs, political oppressors, and everyone who have been instrumental to the plundering of the nation of Nigeria, shall not be spared on that day. 

The anti-corruption war launched by successive governments in Nigeria have either been to witch-hunt their perceived enemies or to pursue their selfish political ambition while some used it as a means to stay in power. So, one can conclude that, most of these anti-corruption efforts are prejudiced while the head of anti-graft agencies are mere tools in the hands of those in power.

There was once a Christian missionary who lived in Ilesha in southwestern Nigeria, Pa Elton was his name. In 1986, he released a reflective remark on Nigeria. The man who saw tomorrow said, “Nigeria and Nigerians will be known all over the world for corruption. Your name – Nigeria, will stink of corruption but after a while, a new phase will come – a phase of righteousness. People from the nations of the earth will hold a Nigerian and say, ‘We want to follow you to your Nation to go and learn righteousness’.” 

But right now, the citizenry have severally been subjected to undue stress, suspicions, mockery and denials at the entry points of many foreign nations in America, Asia and Europe and other continents. Some of them that are residents of those nations with genuine intentions and missions are being embarrassed and harassed, with some of them faced with systemic racism for no just cause.

The offence of many Nigerians in Asia, Europe, Australia and America is just one and none else – that they are Nigerians! But, it won’t be long and the narration shall change. This prophecy of Pa Elton for Nigeria shall be fulfilled.

I believe that everyone all over the world has seen the reality of the first (negative) phase of the prophecy fulfilled with undeniable accuracy. Hear the announcement, NOW is the time for the fulfillment of the second (positive) phase of the prophecy which will be with much accuracy too. You & I are the ones that God will use to turn things around in the country and for the country.

I once read the saying of the sage (Chief Obafemi Awolowo), one of the founding fathers of this country call Nigeria, he said, “A day will come when Nigerian masses from the North and South, Christians, Muslims and Animists will merge as a force for progress and unity, and kick against rigging, corruption and tyranny.”  And the incursion of corruption shall one day be finally laid to rest.

I conclude this evening by saying,  now is the time to rise up in our different vocation and sectors and bring these prophecies to pass. Do yours and let me do mine!

We are not just the change makers but the change that Nigeria has been waiting for! I have come to affirm again, You and I are the change!

Please, watch this space for my special 60th Anniversary Gift to all Nigerians of all ages, both home and abroad.

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