The universe and humanity at large are unquestionably governed by laws. Just like every game is null and void unless it is played by the required rules, so also, every human effort will amount to struggle in futility unless it aligns with the laws governing it. For instance, whoever refuses to let go of former unpleasant experiences but pitches his tent in the deserted parcel of the past, will never experience progress in life. C.S Lewis, a renowned illustrator and religious scholar had warned: “You cannot go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending”.

It takes conscious cultivation of proactive moves in addressing issues of personal interest to witness or record advancement in any department of life. Forgetting one’s ugly pasts and focusing efforts on meaningful and productive ventures, is the cure for frustrations that resulted from past disappointments, losses and failures. Disconnecting your mind from negativity of past years and adjusting it towards the pursuit of result-oriented goals is a failure-proof approach to personal, business or organizational progress.

There is no point mourning over unrecoverable losses, start making strategies for breaking new grounds. You must be very firm in your determination to make remarkable progress despite all visible resistance that are capable of truncating such a resolve. Don’t steal your way out of poverty but consciously walk your way gallantly out of poverty. Let the world around you know how decisively you have confronted and treacherously eliminated economic and financial insufficiency out of your mind, life and physical surroundings.

Don’t be afraid of thinking big, you are naturally designed to shine in whatever you do. There is a filament in your hand, light it up. There’s always someone in need of your light to trace their path. Don’t forget, stop crying over spilled milk, take another progressive move and repeat that feat again in a more remarkable way.

This is your week, go with the mindset of God in His strength, conquer gallantly and break new records…

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