WHY? Part 1

Today, I will like to talk about a very special topic. The subject matter we are about to touch is so germane and necessary for the repositioning of every individual for exemplary living. The title is so short but powerful. It is what I called: W-H-Y.


It all about purpose, it is all about the reason behind certain occurrences around your life. Until you know the reason for a thing, it is most likely you will never value it. And whatever you don’t value, hardly will you ever benefit from it. To say it the way Dr. Myles Munroe said it, “When purpose [of a thing] is not known, abuse [of it] is inevitable. (Emphasis is mine).

Anytime you want to embark on any project, do anything, buy anything, go anywhere, study any course, you should always ask yourself, why? Until you make the required enquiry, you may not achieve your desired goal in life. Until your ‘why’ meets with convincing answers, you might find it difficult to overcome the challenges that might come your way in the process of getting things done.

As it has been said, what you don’t know can confuse and cage you on the same spot. But when you discover a convincing answer to your strong “Why”, you will gallantly and gracefully scale over all obstacles, no matter how high.

So the question here is ‘Why? James Thurber once said, “All men should try to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why.”

Let me ask you the question I asked some people when we were talking recently in my office, why do you want to marry? Somebody told me that his reason for desiring to get married is to have happiness. I told him his ‘why’ isn’t strong enough. If you get married just because you want to have happiness, and you suddenly realize that the happiness seems not to be forthcoming as you pictured it, would it mean you might get out of the marriage? As a matter of fact, if it is just about happiness; you can achieve that satisfactorily without being married.

To desire to be married so as to have and bring up children is not strong enough a reason. If it is all about having children, you do not necessarily have to waste your time and resources getting married. Just go to the street, there are many ladies out there looking for someone to impregnate them, so they can just be mothers. Some will not even demand for an accommodation, they just need you to accept to be the father of their children. In that case, you can afford to impregnate five ladies in one day. So, what’s marriage got to do with procreation?

Same goes with sex. You do not need to be married in order to have sex. You can have sex without marrying, just go to night clubs or brothels. And if you think you are more decent than doing such, look around your neighborhood, you can be sure of at least a “Free for Now”, or “Free for All” sex addict. So, what’s sex got to do with marriage? In fact, intending to get married so as to avoid the temptation of fornication or adultery is purely a wrong “why”. You will be shocked that marriage does not save you from falling into sexual temptations.

Meanwhile, I am of the opinion that all the aforementioned points about marriage are just fringe benefits that should come naturally with a marriage that evolved through a genuine and godly relationship. However, each of them is not strong enough to form our “why” for going into a marriage relationship.

So your ‘why’ should be strong enough before you embark on anything in life. Why do you want to relocate? Why do you want to get rich? Why do you want to build a house? Until you have a strong and compelling ‘why’ with corresponding and convincing answers, never make that move!


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