Let me open this line of thought with this factual statement, nothing dignifies like the dignity of labour. This is deeply rooted in the holy book, and it is put this way:

“Do you know a hard-working man? He shall be successful and stand before kings!” [Proverbs 22:29 TLB]

Isn’t that insightful? Hard work glorifies God and dignifies man! The only cure for laziness is diligence. Nothing else can cure slothfulness, not even prayer and fasting can, but hard work will not only cure laziness, it will clear off every trace of lack as well. When you work hard and you do so skillfully, intelligently and passionately, you will be proud of the outcome, you will be very happy and fulfilled. Hard work pays. It is worrisome nowadays to see a lot of people engaged in certain activities that they can’t be proud of telling others about. The reason is not far-fetched; the legality of their business activities or pursuits is obviously questionable. Even when they end up hitting their home run, that is, when they have succeeded in such ventures, they will either be afraid or ashamed to share the root of their achievements with others. Most of them are crooks and fraudsters. They have forgotten that life is all about cause and consequence. As it is written:

The person who gets money dishonestly is like a bird that hatches eggs it didn’t lay. In the prime of life he will lose his riches, and in the end he is nothing but a fool. [Jeremiah 17:11 Good News Translation]

One of the Yoruba lyrical philosophical songs that condemn every act of cheating or stealing is translated as follows:

Why should I steal in my life? In my life rather than steal I will rather be a slave

Why should I steal in my life?

As clever and as innovative some people are, they refuse to work hard, yet they want to get rich quickly. That is the reason behind the series of criminal activities and insecurity in various communities around the world today. Many in desperate search for short cut to success have had their lives cut short untimely in the process. It is sheer illusion to assume that there is short cut to success. I remembered when I wrote my first book and titled it JUST DO IT, the professor that came to review it on the day of public presentation asked me prior to the day, Isaac, what’s the brain behind the title JUST DO IT and I answered him thus… Anytime an opportunity is brought to someone, the person should ask himself three insightful questions before accepting it or rejecting it.

The first question: Is the opportunity legal and legitimate. Is it inline with the law of the land?

The second question: Is the opportunity moral? Why? There are many things that are legal but not moral and that’s why one must be careful in following multitude without proper examination of what they are engaged in.

The third question: Is the opportunity godly? Will God be happy with you doing such kind of business? Very essential.

If you get 100% in your answer, then JUST DO IT. And if you are a child of God, you can now ask God for specific words of assurance to get His backing and support. Any opportunity brought my way that doesn’t meet 100% of the three questions would definitely be turned down

There is value and dignity in genuine work, there is pride in it too. Always make sure you are engaged in rightful economic activities and do it the right way. Any success that is not traceable to lawful activities does not make sense. Hard work always pays good dividends all the time!

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