Today, I will share with you a topic that I have coined: “Destroy the Destructive Knowledge”.

As it is captioned, destructive knowledge is such knowledge that is toxic to our personal progress, mental, psychological and emotional development. The truth is that some knowledge that you have acquired over time (or philosophy you have adopted) have formed an integral part of your daily life.

Consciously or unconsciously, destructive knowledge is acquired as we continue to relate and get conversant with our immediate environment. In most cases, destructive knowledge is rooted in superstitions by the reason of tradition, culture, and religious belief system that are not traceable to any convincing fact, empirical proofs or scientific reasoning. However, it is so difficult for you to perceive it as destructive because of where you acquired it from. It could be passed to you from your parents, your mentors, your teachers, your role models, or the society at large.


Until you destroy these Destructive Knowledge, you might not be able to go further in your life’s aspirations. It therefore becomes imperative for you to make it a matter of responsibility, to deliberately destroy the Destructive Knowledge that has held you bound for so long.

A good expression of destructive knowledge is when somebody has the impression, that he must relocate from Nigeria to United Kingdom (or anywhere abroad) before things can be okay for him; with this kind of mindset, that person might never make it in Nigeria. Worse still, he might never have the privilege to travel outside the country in his lifetime.  And before he knows, he might not be able to come to terms with the reality until he turns sixty years old. Then, he would discover that there are things he could get engaged in where he is domiciled, although it would have been too late.

Someone else may think that until he marries from his tribe, his marriage would not be successful. Imagine such an unfounded fallacy! Until you get rid of this psychological virus, even when you marry the right person, you might still not enjoy the marriage because your corrupt mindset will always remind you that the person isn’t from your tribe. If you don’t free yourself from this false belief system, you might end up in marital woes.

You need to conduct conscious personal search and evaluation to uncover all traces of destructive knowledge in your life.  It is your discovery that will lead to your recovery. What kind of destructive knowledge has held you bound for so long? Begin to wage war against them and ensure they are totally destroyed. Until you do this, you are never free indeed. You are not expected to use another person’s path in life as yardstick to measure yours. Life adventures aren’t exactly the same for any two individuals. Even identical twins will not have identical opportunities and challenges in life.

Finally in this discourse, you have to live your own life and challenge some existing mindsets and beliefs! The fact that something worked for somebody that you know does not mean it may work for you, because so many indices are attached to every situation in life.  The message today is very clear – Destroy all forms of destructive knowledge in your life, and deliver yourself from all forms of frustrations in life.

Isaac Ajisafe

Author: JUST DO IT

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