This morning I will be talking on the topic titled, “Be Patient with the System”. Patience is not a gift; it is a virtue that can be consciously cultivated by anyone whose intention is to hit the tape of success in business. I am yet to see an overnight success anywhere in this world. If you can show me one, I will also tell of the longest night ever experienced by any man.

There is nothing anyone does in a hurry that can ever be error-free. Even the Holy Book says “For you have need of steadfast patience and endurance, so that you may perform and fully accomplish the will of God, and thus receive and carry away [and enjoy to the full] what is promised|. [Heb 10:36 AMP]

To make any significant mark in the business world, you must understand the dynamism of seed-time, growth phase, and harvest season. Let me talk to business owners this morning. Your in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of sustainable business operations is what will determine if you will still remain in business few years after you kick-off.

Like I recently told a young man who had just started his entrepreneurial activities when he sought me for the purpose of business mentoring, that one of the vital tools he must not toy with is the attitude of patience. No rational fellow will attempt to climb a tree from the top.

I narrated to the young entrepreneur the humble beginning of our business, before we gradually attained our current level at which we operate today. It is a product of the grace of God, unshakeable faith, and unhindered commitment to business demands. As it has been asserted by Bishop David Oyedepo, “It is foolishness to be ashamed of what is gainful”. We started our organization with a borrowed chair and table from the caretaker in charge of the complex where we rented an office space. Your business may seem small now, but if you develop it, it will become big.

Isn’t it sheer hallucinations for any business owner to think he can grow his business overnight and begin reaping the fruits the next day? The root of business frustration today is largely lack of patience on the part of most business owners.

Here is the message, Endure today, and Enjoy tomorrow. Give it all it takes to build your business and your business will build your fortune. Be patient.

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