Today I will be talking about a phrase I learnt about ten years ago. It goes thus: “Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food”. I realize that most of the ailments ravaging human beings are caused by the food we eat. if you can be disciplined enough in your eating habit, it is most likely you’d live a sickness-free life.

There is no greater asset in the life of anyone than sound health. Your greatest asset is not the cars, houses or millions of money in your bank accounts. It is sound health. When the health of a man is crippled by infirmity, his business will suffer neglect as well. I always say this, if the health is feeble and one is at point A, if there are cheques to sign at point B, the cheque will have to wait until the health is restored. Therefore, if an attack on our health corresponds to an attack on our fulfillment of destiny, then, it becomes expedient that we pay attention to the demands that our body system places on us.


You are advised to “Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food”, allow this phrase to serve as a guide. The first question to ask is, “Is this food healthy for me?” Another question is, “am I taking this food in the right proportion, and at the appropriate time?” this is the reality, what is healthy for one person may be unhealthy for the other person. Certain factors are involved, including age bracket, health history, period of the day, how long it will take to digest, and so on.
Some of the time, what you celebrate as food may be a potential poison in your system without you knowing it. Ask yourself ‘will this food be a medicine to my body system, and health to my flesh?’ The truth is anything you consume or drink is either adding value to your health or taking value away from it. Be interested in the nutritional content of all of your intakes. As it is written: “Food for the stomach and the stomach for food”-but God will destroy them both. [1Corinthians 6:13 NIV]. Never allow a moment of “enjoyment” make you mortgage your health to junk foods.
The truth of the matter is that it will require self-discipline to practice a healthy lifestyle. There are some foods and drinks that you shouldn’t consume anymore, but you are too weak to resist the temptation of taking them. What some people should be taking predominantly as far as food and drinks are concerned are sugar-free intake. Yet you’ll still find them indulge in sugar-rich intake, such as chilly soda, ice cream, and pastries. Some will rather prefer to opt for fruit juice, than natural fruits, which are far cheaper to buy, and richer in nutritional content.

Regular and unregulated consumption of such things will make someone to develop high sugar level in the body system, which may later leads to high blood pressure and eventually stroke. If you will discipline yourself enough, and control your appetite, you will live long, even longer than you should. Your health is your personal responsibility and you must not take it lightly. Make your food your medicine and your medicine your food.

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