Jeffrey J. fox in his book titled “How to Make Big Money in your own Small Business” noted that, you are always your own best investment. So, it is never too late to start your business”.

Ray Kroc started one of America’s greatest food chain stores namely McDonald in his fifties. Colonial Sanders started Kentucky Fried Chicken, the great spicy chicken food chain store in America in his sixties. It has its network in many other countries. You are never too young to start a business.

Michael Dell started the multinational company Dell computers while in college. You don’t need to be rich enough to start a business.

Good Year, the Tyre giant started his research and business when he was a pauper without even a penny in his pocket.

Today, many Tyre companies are selling tyres through affiliate marketing in his historical name.

You don’t need to be an MBA holder to start your own business. Millions of entrepreneurs never graduated from college. Bill Gate dropped out of college to start Microsoft. Brin and Page left their studies in PhD to start Google, the world’s largest search engine.

You need not to be a man to start a business; because research shows that nearly fifty percent of all new businesses are started by women.

My point is education is not a limiting factor: age is not a limiting fact; religion is not a limiting factor; connection is not a limiting factor to be a successful entrepreneur.

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