My line of discourse this morning is centered on gratitude. The subject of gratitude is so wide that we cannot exhaust it till eternity. More often than not, just as you are expressing appreciation for blessings received, God has already done more amazing things that will require being thankful for. So, gratitude is an inexhaustible subject, and you cannot thank God too much. In fact, you can never thank God enough!

This morning, I’m narrowing down my line of thought to being grateful to God. for the privilege of being a pacesetter. It is not everybody that has the grace to pioneer great things in life. As a pioneer, you have become a point of reference, having others coming around to study and draw insights from your concepts. These are occurrences that you cannot afford to take for granted.


Be grateful that you have something that others can copy and duplicate. Thank God that you are an initiator and an innovator, attracting the attention of imitators to your concepts. Count it as a rare privilege. An innovator is one in a million, this means you are in the class of a very privileged few, because nobody copies what is not reasonable. This simply means you have a leadership role and a huge responsibility to remain ahead of others, because while you keep breaking new frontiers, other will have to wait and prepare to trail your footsteps. For this you must be very grateful to God.

One great advantage of having imitators is that they push innovators back to the drawing board, propelling them to generate greater ideas for better performance. Won’t you be grateful you are the one that others are imitating?  You just need to maintain the right perspective about “everything”. Do not see an end where others see it, rather see it as a bend and the beginning of greatness, success and breakthrough.

Observing and copying a good concept isn’t bad. But doing so and sabotaging both the concept and the initiator is not good at all. Never try to pull down an initiator from climbing up,  whoever engages in such activities don’t end well.

As an innovator or imitator, leader or follower, there is always something to be grateful to God for, if only you can be reflective enough.

God has made everyone unique in their own ways and I pray for you today that you’ll not die a photocopy



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