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I have come to notice that most people have a financial situation where they get little money flowing, and then when they fail to be active in the process, the money stops flowing.

It is not about having income today, tomorrow and next week; it is about securing stable income perpetually. This is termed passive income or residua income. Starting a business that gives you residua income is the right step to take. However, not all businesses will create passive income.

Network marketing is a big business that offers more opportunity for wealth building.The fact that Network marketing business is taught in Illinois university, Chicago in the USA is also a good signal.

How interesting it is that about five decades ago, a small company started in the US  by a man producing detergent in his own garage. He thought of rewarding people who refereed their friends to use this product.

Although, it seems unrealistic with a product to sell initially. This man joined hands with another man as a partner and his new concept of network marketing gained strength and momentum leading to the birth of his company which millions of people are familiar with, named ‘Anyway‘.

The whole idea was that, He simply continue to reward people the moment they referral their friend and relatives. on a long run, the company grew to become the largest network marketing company in the world with a turner of around 10 billion US dollars.

The most important thing you can do is to constantly grow personally. Spend every day working on yourself because there is no greater investment you can make than in yourself. When you do that, you will become more valuable to the marketplace, and have the ability to make more money.

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