Basic Principles of Prospecting

Promoting a business opportunity to people you don’t know – called “prospecting” – is a unique type of activity. It is easy to get discouraged before your efforts begin to pay off. By applying the tried and true principles of prospecting, you can accelerate the learning process and get tangible results sooner.

Your first step to success is recognizing the three laws of prospecting:

1st Law of Prospecting The list of people who don’t know you is infinitely larger than the list of people who do know you.

2nd Law of Prospecting People who don’t know you will take you more seriously than the ones who do know you.

3rd Law of Prospecting Some of the people we come across in our everyday lives would be hugely successful in our businesses, but unless we prospect them, we will never know which ones they are.

How well do you follow these laws of prospecting in your business? Stay tunes as I will keep unfolding how I have used these to improve my business!

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