I started adventuring into businesses and enterprises immediately after my secondary school education. At young age, I worked with Mr Olumide Jimoh of blessed memory; I was in charge of running the business. We were majorly into frozen foods. Venturing into the commercial world at early age was rather a matter of supreme necessity. And from that time, I had always been enterprising and industrious.

The joy of starting early in life is awesome. Tiger woods started playing golf at 4; Michael Jordan joined his first team while in college; The William Sisters- Venus and Serena– started at age 2; Bill Gates started at 19; Farray Gray who became a millionaire at 14 started at 9.

It reminds me of the story of a great, highly celebrated American soccer player, whose father asked him when he was 5 years old, “Son, what do you want to become?”

He said, “The best American soccer player.” The next day his father went to him at 5am and tapped him to wake up, but he said, “Daddy it is too early. Didn’t you look at the time?” Daddy said, “You said you wanted to be the best, so wake up and we would go jogging and practicing at 5am every day until you are 18.”

On the long run, he became the best American soccer player of his time. When he was asked how he could achieve that at such a young age, he said, “I owe it all to my dad” and then he shared the story. Starting early in life is the fastest route to becoming the best at anything in life because people who think they are too big to do little things are perhaps too little to be asked to do big things.

If you are one of the persons asking ‘ what kind of business can i do?’ I recommend you get the book “JUST DO ITwritten by Isaac I. Ajisafe.

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  1. Even if i have not learnt anything from this today, believe me sincerely, i can never forget this quote in a Hurry….. Those who think they are too big to do little things are perhaps too little to be asked to do big things..
    Wise Word and am relly blessed by it..
    God bless u Sir!!

  2. May God keep you for us sir.More grace

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