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It is always easy to shift your responsibility to others and blame others for not doing well in your business. Some people are so negative minded that they create barriers for themselves with one excuse or the other.

When you give them something free, they think it is a trap. Tell them about small investment, they will say they won’t earn much so they cannot do it. Tell them to invest big; they’ll say there is no money. Tell them to try new things; they will tell you they don’t have the experience. Tell them it is a traditional business, they will say it is hard to do. Tell them it is a new business model, they will say is it not Multi-level Marketing.

Tell them to run a shop; they will say it gives them no freedom. Tell them to run a business; they will say they don’t have expertise. They don’t want to do something common. Such people like to ask Google, listen to friends who are hopeless as them. They think more than a university professor, yet do less than a blind man.

Give them book to read, they won’t read. They would rather read pool results or football match results in the dailies. Invite them for seminars they won’t attend, they would rather stay home to each Telemundo or attend pool party.

Post educative status longer than 100 words on the internet, they would not read it. They will rather stare at popular blog from morning to night reading gossips. Ask them to pray or worship God, they prefer to be sleeping.

They are full of noise yet empty of constructive ideas. They know nothing about world history, they are unaware of breakthroughs in science, yet they know the latest mobile phone in town, always seeking quick fixes, quick to find faults, yet void of solutions, morally bankrupt, intellectually deficient, short of sight and lacking vision! When you ask them what they can do. They would not give an answer. All these are barriers, but the good news is they are surmountable.

“If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs.” –Dhirubhai Ambani

My advice for my dear readers to break the barrier: instead of letting your heart beats faster, act faster a bit; instead of thinking about it, do something about it. People fail and become poor because of one common barrier: Their world Life is About Waiting.” Instead of waiting endlessly, join a network marketing today, let’s help Africa recover from poverty. It pays to be a network marketer. Nobody and nothing should imprison your mind.

Think big. Think Possibilities.

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  1. How do i put an ends to those barrier?
    What are the steps ?

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