Just as an arm or a limb of the body grows strong in an exact proportion to its use, so does the mind grow strong through use? By rendering the greatest amount of service, the faculties through with the service is rendered are put into greater use, becoming, strong and accurate.

By rendering great service than what you are paid, you will be turning the spotlight of favorable attention upon yourself, and it will not be long before you will be sought after, with impressive offers for your service.

In life, the higher we soar the more we can observe and be observed. Comfort is the enemy of your achievements. You will never discover your full potentials if you stay in the comfort zone. Break out, the world is waiting. The tougher the job, the greater the reward! No one can cheat you out of success but yourself.

“In an increasingly competitive, cautious and accelerated world, those who are willing to take risks, step out of their comfort zone and into the discomfort of uncertainty will be those who will reap the biggest rewards.” Margie Warrell writes in Forbes

“Being slightly uncomfortable, whether or not by choice, can push us to achieve goals we never thought we could. But it’s important to remember that we do need to challenge ourselves and be productive all the time,” as Alina Tugend .

“It’s good to step out of our comfort zone. But it’s also good to be able to go back in.”

Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” — Brian Tracy

From time to time, you may suffer periods of uncertainty, which on the surface appears as though your world is sinking. You might feel helpless and unable to navigate your journey ahead. Rest assured life isn’t always smooth sailing.

Like any journey, the intention to reach one’s destination is typically heralded by a goal or a plan, though you may not anticipate the rough waters ahead. That is, you might have to sail your boat in uncharted waters to reach your final destination.

There is no mistake as the mistake of not going on. The problem, difficulties and setback we have in life are all required for our development in life. The ladder of success does not care who climbs it. Just as a diamond cannot be polished without friction, success in life is not possible without trials.


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  1. What would you say to those born with sliver spoon ?

  2. Good article. As a Sinhala (“Lion’s Blood”) I’ll be sure to put these into practice

  3. Good article.I’ll be sure to put these into practice

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