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misplacement of priority

I have said it repeatedly that, pursuing your passion when you are yet able to “feed yourself, pay your rent, and afford basic things of life” is a misplacement of priority. Rather than pursuing passion at the wrong time that will end up frustrating you, instead pursue problems you can …

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A Fool At 40 Is A Fool Forever

The statement that “A Fool At 40 Is A Fool Forever” DOESN’T MEAN “A Failure At 40 Is A Failure Forever”. In any case, what many have tagged failure is only a phase in the journey towards destiny. Let’s take a look at few people who have justified this assertion. …

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Be Objective || Be Fair || Be Rational

Emotional intelligence and self-governance are keys to living a realistic life. Some individuals have been so overtaken by emotional attachment to their tribal, political and religious affiliation, to the extent that they seem to have lost their true identities. Tribal, political and religious indoctrination and extremism have eroded the rationality …

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